The curious and controversial history of the casino online bonus

Online casinos have been around since the early 21st century, with bonuses coming along at around the same time. Casino portals offer great casino bonuses and are no more than a few clicks away. These bonuses are a huge part of the online gambling world, but they weren’t always as complicated as they are now. The whole purpose of the original online casino bonus was to give people the opportunity to gamble online with a lower risk. The following examines the history of the casino online bonus and how it has evolved with the industry over time.

Casino online bonuses used to be far more generous when online casinos first started showing up on the Internet. The casino online industry was only young, and because of that, online casinos were not as strict as they are today. The bonuses were set up to allow novice players to learn the ropes. A gambler would deposit a small mount of funds when registering and then be given an amount that was normally greater so that they could try out the various games. Although the idea behind this may be the same today, the rules have been changed quite a bit.

Time wasn’t always kind to casino online bonuses, as casinos became sceptical of how players were using them, calling foul in some instances. Some casinos even believed that the bonus concept had become a tool that gamblers could use to fleece a casino of its money, while bonus guides like http://mrcasinon.com/ made it even easier for players to find all available bonuses on the market. This is because in the early days, players could actually use a bonus to make a serious and notable about of money. Following the voicing of these concerns, industry bodies were set up to help control casinos bonuses, forcing the idea to evolve in the process.

Shoring up the idea and stamping out common “bonus” abuse in the process, the industry would standardise how these offers were issued. Creating a clear division between players and operators, many felt that the new measures put in place were underhanded. Casino bonuses became far more complex and generally difficult to understand. Betting requirements became commonplace and pushed player’s patience when it came to bonuses to the limit. What these added conditions did was, in specific cases, render a casino online bonus useless.

After the introduction of these highly questionable terms and conditions, casinos found that questionable players were being scared of. The problem is that in the eyes of many it seems that they haven’t just stopped at scaring off problem players. The degree of conditions involved with a casino bonus has only increased. Backing up the betting requirement, withdrawal requirements, game locks, and time caps have all been introduced as a means to control a player who has a bonus in their possession. The reality of the situation is that these bonuses usage terms are now well and truly here to stay. As a player, you have quite a lot to gain from picking out the bonuses that don’t come packed with requirements and conditions – Use www.casinoraters.com when you’re looking for bonuses. They will not only give you a huge lists of the options available, but they usually provide all the necessary information that you will need to know of each bonus.

The above has looked at what has brought casino bonus offers to this point, but sadly as you can see it hasn’t always represented the most pleasant of journey. While the negatives are clear, you still shouldn’t be in a rush to discount a casino online bonus. It is all about negating the negatives when using them, because if you can, you’ll find that these offers are as functional as they have ever been.