Breaking down the types of online casino roulette available

If there is ever a game that “Lady Luck” shines down on it is roulette. Arguably one of the oldest casino games in existence, through the combination of the ball and a wheel players around the globe have been able to experience some serious thrills. Way back when talking about roulette really only meant talking about the single incarnation of the game, but in 2016 it is a very different story. What the best casino online names (in conjunction with the now infamous casino online bonus) have done is brought the world several new variations of the game. In today’s blog we will look at some of those variations and break down exactly what they entail.

When discussing roulette there are two formats of the game that rank above all others in terms of popularity, these formats are European Roulette and American Roulette. While at first glance that may look the same, there is actually a major different between the two. European Roulette features 36 number slots and a single zero slot, but American Roulette features the same plus an additional double zero slot. What the inclusion of double zero slot does is increase the house edge by a surprisingly large amount, which means generally speaking European Roulette is the most profitable of the two key variations of the game.

Given its overbearing popularity European Roulette has sprouted several key sub-variations, the most popular of which is French Roulette. The rules for this game are generally the same as European Roulette barring the fact that it utilises a unique table layout and offers increase access to high-roller favoured “French Bets”. Being honest, French Roulette is the variation of the game the game that is almost exclusive for those who have large bankrolls at their disposal.

After evaluating the variations of roulette available, you will need to decide on how you will play the game. When it comes to the Internet casino domain, you can choose to play roulette in a multitude of different ways. First, if you are looking to play through a desktop and laptop device, you have the option of either browser based instant play or downloadable software client play. The former prioritises speed while the later prioritises gameplay stability. In terms of availability, instant play has all but eclipsed software based play, but you can still find the second format if you search hard enough.

In an interesting twist, roulette is a game that has now been made portable through the innovation of mobile casino platform. You’ll find that the very best casino online brands now to put roulette play into the palm of your hand in a way never thought possible. What this means is that through the few taps of an iPhone or any other similar smartphone device players can instantly lay down the wager and spin the roulette wheel. Sverigescasinon.net has a great list of Roulette based casinos, where you will easily be able to pick out a casino that suits you!

Another format of roulette that has garnered serious momentum as of late is live casino roulette. Bringing the land-based casino atmosphere back into proceedings, what live dealer roulette presents is a giant leap into the future. Allowing players’ access to a real-life croupier and a real-life wheel, it is as close to real-life playing as online casino roulette gaming is every going to get.

It is safe to say that roulette has grown and changed over the years, with it now being made available in several different formats on a wide variety of casino online platforms.